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Music/solo work
Released October 1999

This was meant to be a much bigger project, involving a whole host of different contributers, but health problems & other challenges at the time meant it ended up being little more than a four-track demo. I'd kind of lost my way a little in 1999, until eeebleee came along the following year.

Terrestrial Speakers
Music/solo work
Released August 1998

Still finding my voice, and trying out different musical arrangements, this features Karin Sherrat of Sleeping Dogs Wake, along with cellist Caryl Caffery and guitarist John Rodge. It was recorded during the summer of 1998. Again, the tapes were recovered in 2012 and tracks subsequently remastered.

Strange Visitor
by Mobius
Music/collaborative work
Released October 1997

Mobiles was my very first band. We were together for about a year and recorded our album Strange Visitor in the summer of 1997. The tapes were recovered in 2012 and the tracks were subsequently remixed/remastered.

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