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The Curse of the Illegal Brain
by eeebleee MkI
Music/collaborative work
Never officially released
Recorded by London producer Pete Lorentz in May 2001, after a series of somewhat shady offerings from a Camden-based management outfit, this put eeebleee firmly on the Oxford music map. It led to a single and album deal with Shifty Disco, and a tour with local favourites Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia and The Rock Of Travolta.

Shoes/Lean Into Me 
by eeebleee MkI
Music/collaborative work
Released September 2000

Intended as a follow-up to our debut EP, this was also self-produced, with both tracks re-worked and included on the Shaky Birds album.

by eeebleee Mk1
Music/collaborative work
Released June 2000
Our self-produced debut EP, featuring early versions of That's (later re-recorded for Shaky Birds) and Ghost (end-section later became The Intense Humming of eeeebleee). The original lineup included Tim Day on guitar and Jo Edge on bass, who later formed Space Heroes of the People.

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