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Audioscope 2002
by Audioscope
Music/contribution (eeebleee, 'Shoes' & 'Lean Into Me')
Released September 2002
Two more of the eeebleee Shaky Birds tracks ended up here. Audioscope raises money for housing and homelessness charity Shelter. This compilation featured tracks from Dustball, Pram and Nought.
Major Trucking Incident
by Truck Festival 2002
Music/contribution (eeebleee, 'Dirty Choir')
Released July 2002

A track from the unreleased Shaky Birds album, was included on this compilation alongside tracks by ChrisTT, The Young Knives and Jetplane Landing. Truck Festival was as much a part of the early 00's music scene in Oxford as Nightshift, Shifty Disco and The Point. See Jon Spira's film 'Anyone Can Play Guitar'.
Lost in the Riddle
by eeebleee MkII
Music/collaborative work
Never officially released

Our first demos as the newly-reformed eeebleee MkII, with Ben Ulph joining us on guitar and leading us into rockier terrain. These demos were recorded in the spring of 2002 prior to our first recording session at Shonk Studios over the summer.

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